Treasurer Report:--Previous Balance-$5675.00

Deposits $730.00

Paid ASA-Pa. $100.00

:Paid J. Mules $550.00

New Balance- $5755.00

Slow Pitch Game Fees are being paid in a timely manner.

District UIC- Ron Mayberry---State Tournaments on June 17-19 and June 24-26

will have pool play games on Friday and double elimination on Saturday. Review

rule books to stay on top of things. Dress code will be powder blue shirt and navy

pants. Contracts for Nationals East are available. Please return to Luau Bowers with

picture for each contract ASAP.You will need ASA of PA background check. Cost is

$11.00. Chapter will reinburse you for this fee. Go online to ASAofPa.org.

Any changes to chapter roster please notify Secretary.

UIC Bob Downey--Umpire test were handed back.Discussed answers in detail. Test

results were not good. Need to continually review rule book to improve your knowledge.

Whie Rose SP League DivisioTHn I and II face mask rule. Sign in stadium office concering

rule enforcement. SCPSA FP League rules updated on website(SCPSA.org) Chin straps

optional but if attached must be fastened. Pitchers wrist bands on non throwing arm only.

Only acceptable ball drying agent is GORILLA, Dirt can be picked up but not rubbed on the

ball,then we would have an illegal pitch. A slingshot delivery(no windmill) is a legal pitch. If

you have lightning at a game play must stopped for 30 minutes. If occurs again then another

30 minutes and so on. Double bag at IB. If throw takes first baseman into foul territory then

colored base may be used for putout.. Limit conversations with coaches and players.

Patty Harkins will be running sub fundraiser again this year.For every item sold you get $1.00


Jim Mules- Assigner--Check Arbiter for rainout games to be rescheduled.


Steve Young, Secretary