Treasurer's Report--$5755.00 Balance

334.00 Deposit

550.00 Assigner Fee

$5539.00 New Balance

Slow Pitch Fees can be paid at next meeting.

Elections- Need volunteeers for ElectionCommittee. Elections to be held in August.

Jim Mules Assigner..July schedule for City SP League will be available June 25th or 26th.

Chapter UIC-Bob Downey..Run Ahead Rule for ASA Tournaments 15 after 3, 12 after 4 and 8 after 5.

Fast Pitch League-applies only to 4th and 5th innings. Courtesy Runner-any player not in the game as a

starter or substitute. Can run for pitcher or catcher only and their replacements. If CR not reported do not

mention. Quietly ask coach if he wants to tell you something. (Preventative Umpiring). Re-entry Rule..Starter

and substitute can reenter one time in same position in batting order. If play appealed confer with partner to

discuss play. In C position you have first play in the infield, if there is second play at 3B plate umpire makes

the call. Dropped third strike-option to give a safe call at home plate, then make call at first if occurs. Batter/

Runner passes Runner. If less than 2 outs preceding runners can score on the play. The batter/runner that passes

the runner is out and the ball is live.

Ron Mayberry-District UIC.. Contracts for Nationals East need to be submitted ASAP. ASA Softball will be become

USA Softball next year. ASA uniforms can still be worn next year except for National Tournaments.

Sub Sale..Patty Harkins.is coordinating sale this year. Orders due at July Meeting or August 1st to Patty. Contact her

at esthe622@yahoo.com. Delivery Date is August 10th at Hoffman Field Pavalion. You get back $1.50 for each sub sold.


Steve Young, Secretary