Nomination of officers were held for 2017. Election will be at the August meeting.

Contact Karen Clever or Patty Harkins to submit additional nominations.

Treasurer's Report..Balance $5539.00

288.00 Deposit

550.00 Assigner fee

Balance $5277.00

$700.00 outstanding game fees. Projected expenses Treasurer;s fee-$400.00

Gifts-$300.00 Banquet-$400.00, Supplies-$100.00.

District UIC Ron Mayberry--Tournament money outstanding. Tavern Tournament

on August 13th and 14th. Labor Day SP Tournament..

Assigner-Jim Mules--City League playoffs start August 8th. Church League playoffs

to start August 1st.

Chapter UIC- Bob Downey--FP Swing hits body of batter--dead ball strike. Hands

are not part of the bat. Movement of bat in bunt position is a strike. Check swing--

refer to RS 10 for definition. Covered lineup card managemenrt concerning starters,

subs and DP/Flex.

Patty Harkins Sub Sale pickup is Wednesday August 10th at 4:30 at pavilion near


Fast Pitch for Purppose this year is Oct 1st and 2nd at Crist Fields. Fund raiser for

Breast Cancer. Need umpires to do games. See Phil Rohrbaugh.. Sanction and insurance

for tournament paid for by ASA of PA. Challenge placed to our chapter to have 10 umpires


Looking for ways to distribute information to recruit new umpires for our chapter...