Treasurer's Report

Old Balance--$5277.00

511.00 Deposit of Fees

New Balance $5788.00. Projected expenses for remainder of year-$1000.00

Our ending balance for the year will be less than the starting balance.

District UIC Ron Mayberry..Thanks to state tournament umpires. Labor Day SP Tournament

coming up. Dick Silar recognized umpires from the chapter who worked Nationals East tournaments.

9 for the 14U(B) and 11 for the 18U(A).

Chapter UIC-Bob Downey.. Appeal of tag up at any base with less than 2 two outs. Ball goes out of play

and runner goes to next base. Dead Ball. Hesitate to check runner's intent on returning base. Then award

bases and be ready if appealed. Infield Fly Rule. Plate umpire makes the call. If doesn't the base umpire

can make call. May want to consider age and/or ability when considering ordinary effort to make the catch.

Check out ASA website for case studies of situations for umpires.

City SP Fall League starts Sept 13th. Play on Tuesday and Thursday. If rained out then Tuesday games played

on Wednsday and Thursday games the following Monday.Check Arbiter on 9/2 for game schedule. E-mail Jim.

Mules if not interested.

Sub Sales- Patty Harkins--Proceeds of $4110.00. $199.50 to umpires and $30.00 to chapter.

BANQUET--Sunday October 30th at Old Country Buffet on Route 30 in York. Time --6:00. E-mail Mark Gibson

if you plan to attend.

Fast :Pitch for a Purpose Fund Raising Tournament on October 1st and 2nd at Crist Fields. Need umpires to work

Contact Phil Rohrbaugh at philrohrbaugh@verizon.net.

Election Results--President-Mark Gibson, Vice-:President-Jeff McLaughlin, Secretary-Steve Young, Treasurer-Dan

Anderson, Assigner-JimMules, UIC- Bob Downey, Slow Pitch UIC-Russ Miller, Fast Pitch UIC -Dick Silar, Sargeant

at Arms- Skip Miller, Board Members-Don Toomey,Don Illyes, Rodney Grove and Tom Bender.

CHAPTER WEBSITE--www.yccua.org